Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turning over a new leaf or...... least I am attempting to. I have recently come to realize that I really need to simplify my life and take all of the bad, negative things or the bad and negative things that affect me and my family. I know I have should have come to this realization earlier. At least I wish I would have come to this epiphany earlier in life. But as the saying goes, "better late than never". ;)

It started with me realizing that I was holding on to very minimal and trivial things and I was allowing those "things" to slowly eat away at me. Super frustrating, to say the least. So I have adopted the idea of a duck. Yes, I said D-U-C-K! You know, just let the stupid small things just roll off your back and leave it in the past where it belongs. My wonderful friend, A.M. (all you're getting are her initials) always reminds me of the "duck theory" I have incorporated into my every day life and I love her for it because she understands and "gets" me. Also, my other wonderful friend, V.L. (just the initials people) sacrificed a bath time rubber duckie so that I may take him everywhere, although he mainly stays in my car, as a reminder of my new attitude I have towards life and towards other people. Amazingly enough, it is actually working. As crazy as that sounds, but just seeing the duck reminds me that I am trying to better myself FOR myself and no one else. Hopefully my wonderful, handsome boys will adopt the same type of outlooks on life. :) What is strange is that I always knew that I could have always self improved and it is finally happening and let me tell you....I AM EXCITED AS ALL GET OUT! Although some days are rougher than others, but I think I'm making progress! ;)

Life in the Pritchett household has changed since my last blog entry. Aaron started Kindergarten and he is absolutely LOVING it! I couldn't have been any prouder of him! I swear that within the first week of him actually going to "school" he started looking much older than just 5 years old! I did, however, surprise myself...I thought I was going to cry my eyes out of just overwhelming and swelling pride. But I just couldn't stop smiling the entire day because I was so stinking proud of him!!!! I did tear up a bit, but I managed to keep my crazy motherly emotions in check! He is such a joy in our lives and I know he and his brother, Kade, will grow up to do something phenomenal and I cannot wait to see what exactly it is!

Definitely more updates to the attempted self improvement! Stay tuned! ;)

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